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Mechanical public clocks with hands have been known of for over 700 years. Attached in highly visible positions such as steeples they would control people's rhythm of life. Then came the wrist watch. And finally the smart phone. Public clocks got expendable and today don't get much attention anymore. This is a shame, as such clocks are not only indicators of the time, but also witnesses of times. Many are elaborately designed reflecting the spirit of the time and are part of man's cultural heritage. The "clockspots" project aims at no less than to create a world wide catalogue of this cultural achievment of our ancestors and in a second step make it available to us present day folk. We are planning an app that displays the time with a different photo of a historic clock any minute of the day on your smartphone or tablet.
The project was initiated by photo engineer Michael von Aichberger and graphic designer Michaela von Aichberger. Our work so far laid a foundation, mainly covering clocks from Germany and Europe. But the world is wide and the goal ambitious. That's why we are looking for peers who would contribute their time and passion to the project.